So whats all this fuss about a bus?

GeoBus is a free outreach programme run out of the Earth Science department of UCL.

We aim to bring engaging, hands-on sessions to school students all across London to complement the curriculum, whilst giving a great insight into the breadth of Earth science as a subject. We want to inspire the next generation of Earth scientists by instilling in them a spark of curiosity and wonder for the world around them.

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What can our little bus
bring to the table?

GeoBus is developing research-led teaching packages for schools, involving young researchers. We are a mobile unit developed to support teachers who are introducing Earth science concepts into the school chemistry, physics, and biology curricula, as well as the geology and geography curricula.

All of the GeoBus teaching packages are based around hands-on and interactive learning, and all the resources involved in the activities are brought to the school. Our early career researchers across STEM subjects will develop research-led teaching packages.

Career prospects in geology, or Earth sciences more generally, are very good at the moment. Another aim of GeoBus is to improve the linkage between schools, universities, and industry, and to promote careers in Earth sciences.

What we offer

GeoBus offers workshops to both Primary and Secondary schools. Workshop descriptions will give you more detailed information on the set-up times, session capacity, running time and target year groups. Please make sure you check the requirements carefully before booking a visit.

Primary School Workshops

Interested in what GeoBus has to offer for Primary schools? Click here to find out more.

Secondary School Workshops

Interested in what we have to offer for Secondary schools? Click here to find out more.

Check out our Calendar

Please use the calendar to identify when GeoBus is available and use the online form to make a provisional booking.

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