GeoBus was originally developed by the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews in January 2012

Due to the success of the Scottish GeoBus, a London based project was written into the NERC Deep Volatiles grant application which was successfully funded in 2015. After an initial set up period, GeoBus UCL launched on 16th September 2016 and has been visiting schools in and around London ever since.

Our Mission

GeoBus is developing research-led teaching packages for schools, involving young researchers. We are a mobile unit developed to support teachers who are introducing Earth science concepts into the school chemistry, physics, and biology curricula, as well as the geology and geography curricula.

Teaching packages cover broad areas of Earth science and are aimed at supporting STEM subject teaching generally, as well as highlighting career opportunities in Earth Science and other STEM subjects.

Our fundamental aim is to engage with pupils to enhance their understanding of Earth Science, and provide resources and support to teachers across the UK whose main subject may not be geology. All of the GeoBus teaching packages are based around hands-on and interactive learning, and all the resources involved in the activities are brought to the school.